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Savory Sips & Sounds of The Sound

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Alki Beach, Puget Sound

Although I am currently mourning a loss, my day was filled with beautiful gifts... from savory sips of coffee to the sounds of The Sound slapping at stones inching toward Alki Beach Seawall.

Today's Gift List

  1. Savory sips of coffee

  2. Blue-skied reprieves from wintry wet weather

  3. Hand-in-hand beach walks

  4. Sun-warmed backs and winter's-still-here-to-chill cheeks

  5. Sounds of The Sound, slapping at stones, inching toward Alki Beach Seawall

  6. Boats of white, filled with sails, cars, fish, or fun

  7. Walking past a gorgeous Golden Retriever and remarking to my husband how beautiful he was.

  8. Ten minutes later while resting on a bench, the Golden catches up and asked his human to meet me. "He's six years old. His name is Sunny, and he can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want to meet him, and 99% of the time, he's right." Oh, my heart!

  9. Quiet evenings and...

  10. Pregnant moon that has need to nurture a darkened city

And those are just the ones that stood out. Tomorrow holds many more where these came from.

Goodnight, Seattle. Sleep well!

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