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I Love Fall, Just Not This Kind!

My plans for the Labor Day weekend were fairly simple, quiet, and creative. On Friday night Eric and I had a dinner date with our daughter and son-in-law. On Saturday night, I had an appointment at the Wizard of Paws Pet Salon with Gracie to get her nails trimmed. Tonight Eric and I had another dinner and a movie date with friends. The remainder of my weekend was free to do as I please, which was going to include a significant amount of art time and a few things I wanted to get done around the apartment.

Friday's dinner date was fantastic. We enjoyed a relaxing and delicious meal with excellent service, amazing views, and best of all was the laughter and good conversation with "the kids."

Saturday morning I awoke early. It was cool and dark, so I pulled out my favorite grey, bunny-soft blanket throw and lit some candles. I snuggled into the plush covering and savored my coffee in the stillness of the pre-dawn hours. While Eric and Gracie slept in, I listened to a little music by candlelight and I delightedly gazed at a bright star doing its twinkly dance outside our French doors.

As the darkness became streaks of soft pink light, I had the thought that it's almost time to start lighting the fire in the mornings again and watch the daily sunrise. This is a routine I enjoyed so much last year and I look forward to starting it again. In fact, I almost turned the fireplace on before realizing that the plants currently residing on the hearth will need to be relocated this weekend to protect them from the heat. This made my heart full with anticipation of Fall that has sweetly and gently begun to announce its unhurried entrance over the past week or so. It is my favorite time of the year.

I had just finished my second cup of coffee when I heard the door open and Gracie came bounding down the hallway, excited to take her place on the grey fluff in my lap, followed by my sleepy husband. It is her favorite blanket too! We snuggled a bit and then I dressed and took her out for her morning walk.

The air was cool, but didn't quite have that autumn crispness that chills the lungs and makes your breath visible that I love so much. I can't wait for that morning!! Along our walk, I encountered these beauties that may make its way to one of my sketchbooks!!

We finished our walk and were on our way back home when I noticed the acorns were full, mature and decorating the trees and terrain. A bird was in the oak tree above, noisily making his presence known. He frantically hopped about the branches, shaking the leaves and chucking more acorns to the ground. It almost seemed like he was throwing a feathered temper tantrum. It really was a bit comical!

In that moment I recalled the tiny new acorns I had discovered over the summer; their caps in place, but the fruit only beginning to emerge. I had been excited to realize we had oak trees here and that I would have the pleasure of observing its developing gifts over the weeks that would follow! This was to be an experience I'd never had and I looked forward to all I would witness and learn about this beautiful tree and its nutty goodness. If you don't know this about me already, I love nature in all its forms.

I brought a couple baby acorns home that had surprisingly fallen to the ground already that early summer day. I pondered the reason they had fallen and finally determined that a squirrel must have caused their detachment. Now I'm wondering if it may have been the birds. Those little acorns sat on my end table until the caps fell off and I eventually threw them away. At that time, they looked something like this, only the fruit was smaller even than this.

Yesterday I discovered that they are now fuller and rounder, similar to this.

Obviously, I knew they were there. I watched my steps as I walked across the street, but somehow, I stepped on one anyway, and that's when my weekend plans took a sharp turn. Suddenly I felt like I had stepped on a sea of marbles and trust me when I say that those crazy things do NOT crack or give when you step on them! My right foot promptly turned in a direction it shouldn't have and to my shock and dismay it was me that was falling instead of acorns. I was thrown to my left side and I braced my fall with a hard hit to my left hand and wrist on the pavement and my cheek hit the curb of the sidewalk that my feet had not yet reached. I've since learned that I also hit my left knee and hip and chest. I didn't realize at the time because my ankle, palm and wrist were in too much pain, but I sure know now! Everything on my left side is sore and my right ankle, well...

I spent the next few hours in the ER where I got to learn more about nature, if you consider the human body nature. This time, however, I think I would prefer not to have learned about this. The doctor ordered x-rays, then gave me a very brief education about Fibular Avulsion Fractures, because I have one. This type of fracture comes complete with a sprain. An Avulsion fracture occurs when a ligament or tendon tears and takes part of the bone it was attached to with it. This is what happened to the tip of my Fibula when my ligaments tore.

The good news is, it should heal on its own and won't need a cast. I'm just getting around in a boot with crutches. I was warned, however, that it will take 2-3 months for the swelling to go away. I will see an orthopedic doctor in about a week to have all that confirmed.

Today I feel like I was hit by a truck, and the fatigue is unreal! Everything on my left side is sore, and of course my right ankle is sore. At least it isn't in constant pain anymore.

While this was definitely not what I had planned for the weekend, and I'm disappointed to have missed spending time with friends, it has given me inspiration for my next art project. Weird huh? See, I got to learn more about acorns and oak trees, as I was looking for pictures for this blog post. I am amazed at how many different ones there are, with various shapes and colors. I am pretty sure that acorns and oak leaves will be the focus of my next art composition. Perhaps I'll feel up to getting something started tomorrow. Hey, I have to find SOMETHING good in this, right? If I follow thru with that, I'll be sure to share.

Hoping your weekend has been more pleasant than mine,


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